What is Grimvoid Press?

Grimvoid Press is a traditional publishing company originally incorporated in Washington State and currently operating in Durham, North Carolina. Its purpose is publishing high fantasy books that focus on magic and world building.


What is high fantasy?

High fantasy (also known as “epic fantasy”) is a sub-genre of fantasy where a story takes place in another world, realm, or universe that has a set of rules different than that of earth. This subcategory of fantasy is the polar opposite of low fantasy which takes place in our world or one that operates in a strikingly similar manner to ours.

Many readers confuse high fantasy and sword and sorcery. These two genres of fantasy fiction are not the same, but they also are not mutually exclusive. While one can categorize a work as both high fantasy and sword and sorcery, the work does not necessarily have to exist as both.


What does Grimvoid Press publish?

Grimvoid Press primarily publishes works of high fantasy that are of one of the four following categories: novels, novellas, short stories, and poems.


Who does Grimvoid Press Publish?

For a long time, authors have followed general market trends when creating stories. The authors are not to blame; rather, the publishers are. For most large publishers, the most important aspect of a novel is its marketability and its ability to yield profit from a general audience. While this business strategy is financially appealing, it limits a publisher’s ability to select works passionately. Grimvoid Press is about finding unique novels, hence its focus on high fantasy. Given that high fantasy allows for an overflow of innovation and novelty, the genre aligns perfectly with Grimvoid Press’ mission: publish with passion. We are fixed on finding novels we love and that we have never seen on the market. While we release our books with in a traditional format, the content of our novels—the stories—are nontraditional and eye-catching. If the book turned our heads and widened our eyes, we hope that it does the same for you.